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Sociology and Architecture

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Bugallon, Jade C.


February, 12 2018

Social Anthropology

Social anthropology is a sociology that deals with the study of groups. It is the scientific study of patterns and processes of human relations. It is important for it studies the culture of human. It also studies the values, beliefs and gestures, how we develop form one to another: how we eat, get married, practice religion, etc. and how something affects the human interactions.

Architecture is both art and science. As an architecture student, it is really important that we know social anthropology for we should design for the conformity of human needs. We should study the culture, beliefs and values of the people to have an appropriate design for the users. These cultural elements drive the people’s way of life and ultimately influence their choices in relation to the buildings which they inhabit. The cultural observations assist the architect in constructing building systems that correspond to their holistic way of life.

Social anthropology also helps architecture to relate the architectural aspects of a space or structure to the inhabitants. Social Anthropology. Anthropology bridges the architectural aspects of building such as techniques of construction, types of buildings, environmental conditions, resources, technology and aspects of organization of space to the social and cultural facts of those who will be using the building. As my professor said, we our design influences how the users act to a place like how a pathway and a barrier can direct someone from one place to the other.

In conclusion, the utilization of the space in the building is affected by culture of these people who inhabit the building. Their culture influences how they interpret the elements within the space of the buildings. Social Anthropology is an essential part of architecture.



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