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Social Groups in My Life

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Essay Preview: Social Groups in My Life

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Social Groups

Hope Martinez

University of Phoenix

Sociology 100

Fay DeMeyer


When examining the numerous “groups” I’ve been a part of, it better explains the person I am today. Many groups do not fall into a specific primary or secondary. At different time’s in life they are different things. While something’s stay constantвЂ"like churchвЂ"the actual facility may change, a new pastor may come to teach. It is everyday unexpected items that change the familiar group.

Social Groups

1. Religion. I grew up in a very conservative family. We didn’t talk about many things that could be construed as offensive or wrong. Religion for me, has a primary classification. It’s always been a big church, with a large number of people, but I have always been in classes which present more of a face to face feeling. I would consider church to also be a reference group. In Christianity, you try to model your life around God, and there for Church becomes a place to keep you accountable and to help you know right from wrong. This has affected my life in the way I view things, and how I view other people’s choices.

2. Gymnastics. Gymnastics was probably right after church my next most influential group. It has been a different type of group depending on the time in my life. At some points when I was on a strong team, working out over 20 hours a week at the mere age of 12, it was a primary group. I was around the same girls more than my own family, and it became just that. A family. Although it wasn’t intended it became a reference group. Gymnastics is a sport that focuses heavily on perfection. It’s a sport that demands time and hard work, and a really fit body. At age 12 when I developed an eating disorder, it was not a big secret where I could have been influenced. I grew up in a gym from age 3 to present times, where I’m a coach.

3. Reading. Though not a formal group, I consider readers to like that of retiree’s. A group of people who are all on one common interest point but don’t interact. Reading was something that was very important to me when I was younger and still is today. Reading opened up an imagination I would have never experienced with out it.



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