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Smoking Health

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Smoking is hazardous to one's health as well as others around the person, and is very dangerous and gross habit. Smoking can cause many different cancers and diseases, most of them leading causes of death. On top of that, it causes a lot of changes to your physical appearance and can decrease things like your athletic performance, as well as many other symptoms. Not only this, cigarettes contain nicotine which gets you addicted to them and makes all the bad symptoms even worse. Others may say that smoking is cool and hip, but the ingredients that a cigarette contains disagree strongly with this opinion.

First, smoking can cause a lot of different cancers and diseases. Both you and people that inhale the smoke around you, called second hand smokers, can be affected. Some of the harm to your body that smoking can cause is as follows. Smoking can cause a lung disease called emphysema, inflammation of air passages to the lungs called bronchitis, heart disease, heart attacks, stroke, and cancer. Out of these, heart disease is the number one leading cause of death in the U.S. as of 2004, cancer is number two, and stroke is number three.

In addition, there are many changes in both physical appearance to how you perform athletically. There are also many bad symptoms that are not fun to have. First off, some effects are hearing and vision loss, arthritis, chronic coughing, a build up of mucus in your mouth, and asthma. Smoking also decreases your athletic performance. It causes cancer in the mouth, gum disease, tooth decay, yellow staining of the teeth, and less circulation in fingers and toes. Not only that there are horrible things like diarrhea, heartburn, yellowness in the fingernails and toenails, bad breath, and wrinkles.

Some teens may say that smoking is cool, hip, and fun, but they never think about what happens when you smoke. Not only are there diseases, cancers, and other effects, there is nicotine in cigarettes. Nicotine is a drug that gets you addicted to the cigarette. This can be very deadly and you end up smoking and buying more and more cigarettes. If that isn't enough to convince them, the ingredients of the cigarette are what really close the case. It contains tar, which is what people use to pave things like roads. It also contains formaldehyde which used to preserve dead animals. Other ingredients include cyanide which is the main ingredient in rat poison, lead which is found in



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