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Smmary of "battle Royal"

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Essay Preview: Smmary of "battle Royal"

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Battle Royal

The narrator is a black boy who often remembers what his grandfather says to his father when his grandfather is in the deathbed. He wanted him to always keep up the good fight. When the narrator graduates with an acknowledged achievement he is invited to give a speech at a gathering of the town's white citizens. There he meets a lot of the white middle class people. Before the narrator can give his speech, he goes through a violent battle when he is told to get into the boxing ring with a blindfold put around his eyes. At first he feels so much fear. Being blinded by the blindfold, he is attacked and being beaten up many times by the other boxers. The white spectators laugh when they see the narrator being very injured and bleeding. The narrator still worries about his speech when he is struggling through the fight. In the end he finally has the chance to give his speech to the white audience. The white men mock him as he is delivering his speech on the topic of equality. When the narrator finishes his speech an old man comes to give him his praise, and then there is a thunderous applause. He is awarded a briefcase and a scholarship to the state college for Negroes. The narrator is overjoyed. He finally gets the recognition of the white people though he had to struggle through a serious fight the white men had made him to do to gain a chance for equality.



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