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Smart Devices Influence

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Erica Ross


English 1101

Essay 4        

Smart Devices Influence

In this day in age, you see smart devices everywhere you turn.  Adults, teenagers, and even younger children have smartphones.  The prevalence of these devices have taken a major toll on society today, and is often times pushed to the side.  People depend on these devices to remember appointments, navigation, connect with friends, check social media, and also often times to play games connected to the app store.  

        When you go into detail about the dependence on these devices, you truly start to see the terrible effects these devices have on our society.  For starters, often times people use their smartphone to make appointments.  When you mark the appointment in your calendar on your smart device -  the device will notify you when your appointment is, where your appointment is, and even how much traffic there is between your current location and where you’re commuting to for that specific appointment.  When you first hear this, you may think to yourself “Why are smartphones such a bad thing? They help you not forget things!”.  Here is what is bad about it, the loss of self awareness.  When you become dependent on these devices, you lose major self awareness.  What would happen if your smartphone wasn’t working, and didn’t notify you about your upcoming appointment?  Would you forget about the appointment?  Would you know what time, and how to get to the appointment without your smart device? My guess is, most wouldn’t remember the appointment.  

        Inventors have created amazing navigation tools that are accessible with a smart device.  This has had a negative impact on many people, because they don’t ever learn how to get to point A and point B without their device.  How are people ever supposed to learn how to get somewhere without staring down at a device?  The sad truth is that having access to a high end navigation system is causing more and more car accidents on our roads each day.  The distraction of these highly equipped smart devices are actually toremtenal to our society.  

        For the last couple of generations, children have grown up having easy access connection with friends from wherever they may be.  Obviously back in the day people  weren’t  lucky enough to have the tools to be able to reach someone across the country with just a couple rings.  People have lost sight in the importance of human interaction.  Yeah, on facetime you can see whomever's face it is you are talking to but that is causing people to stop interacting in person, face to face.  If these smart devices weren’t offering the easy access to friends wherever they may be, people would still be making an effort to see people and go out of their way for people.  



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