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Single Most Relevant Tool in Raising Children

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As a single mother to two toddlers I have learned many virtues in raising children. I can probably give you about 10 need to know's before raising your child. The one element though that I can say outweighs the others would be patience. Children are children and take plenty of time and patience to handle. Childhood is the foundation of life. We should be a role model and teach them virtues we have had passed on to us. Patience is a key element. I believe not having patience leads towards a parent-child relationship that is punctuated by anger, frustration, and ignorance. To some it will come natural to others it may be something that is need to be worked on everyday developing knowledge on patience with their child.

Children are unpredictable and are going to get in trouble. You will be tested quite often. Getting into trouble is a way to learn and to teach them the difference between right and wrong. This is where patience comes in handy. Raising a child or children is a lifetime commitment. They are going to get things wrong, make you mad, tell white lies, but there also going to do things right. Your going to need this element to wait for those moments and know what should be done.

Repetitiveness goes hand in had and with patience. Your going to repeat things several times a day, week or even in a month before a child grasps a concept that is simple in our views. Kids are kids. There mind is growing and developing and taking in so many things within a short period of time. It takes some time to process the meaning, consequences and reactions before actually understand why. Patience will be the best key you will hold in your child's future. It takes time. You will use this element all through out your life and your child's life..



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