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Simple Wedding Story

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I had just gotten hired by the New York City Fire Department, I was working the morning shift when a call when out for a fire in a taxpayer with possible people trapped. Since I was on the ladder company our primary job was to find the possible trapped victims. We got on the road and immediately could smell the smoke, then dispatch came over radio and said police are on location reporting a 10-75,which is a working fire, and could see visible people trapped. Captain Merk yelled to the back "prepare to go in." We arrived on scene and we could here people yelling about someone trapped on the 2nd floor. My partner and I entered structure through

the back and proceeded up the stairs. We made our way through

the hallway checking every door we came upon. We got to the end of the hallway and could hear someone screaming and coughing from the last door on the left hand side. We made our way into the room and my partner and I started searching for the victim. Over the radio we could hear the battalion chief calling for the 2nd alarm; the fire was getting worse. We kept searching our area but couldn't hear the screaming or coughing anymore as we sped up our search we made our way into the bathroom and there she was laying on the floor by the window. My partner and I picked her up and started making our way out of the building. We made it to the bottom of the stairs when the floor started to give way. We fell to the ground and I could feel something pop in my knee. As we regained our composer we stood up with the victim and made our way to the front of the buildings where EMS was waiting. The Emt's took her, put her on oxygen, put her on the stretcher, and loaded her in the ambulance. I told the Ems supervisor that when I fell I felt something pop in my knee. He told me to get in the ambulance that was about to leave. I got into the back with the girl I had just rescueƐ' ironic. On our way to the hospital the girl had started to regain consciousness and started to come back around. Of course she was scared and didn't know what was going on. The emt in the back asked me about my knee I told her that I'll wait till we get to the hospital. After about 10minutes of riding in the ambulance we arrived at Lourdes hospital in Upper Manhattan they took us inside and triaged both of us. I was sitting in bed #4 and the doctor came in and said that I had a slight sprain in my knee but I would be fine. I asked him about the girl we rescued from the fire and he said "she'll be ok she just has smoke inhalation, and she's a little shaking up."

I got out of my bed and gathered all my stuff up. I went out into the lobby where my crew was waiting for me. Of course they were laughing because I went to the hospital because of a little injury.

A few days later I was back at work and there was a note on my locker saying some lady named Hayley and wanted to meet with my partner and I. Considering I didn't know when Ryan was working again, I decided ill give her a call and see if she'll come up to the firehouse. I made the call but it went to her answering machine I left her a message and told her who I was and when I was going to be working. Within 20 minutes the phone rang and Capt came over the loudspeaker and said someone was on the phone for me. It was Hayley, she said she wanted to come up to meet me as soon as possible, I told her it would be fine if she came up now or later on in the day and she said she'll be there as soon as possible. I was sitting out front with Eric, a firefighter from Squad 41 we run out of the same quarters, when this girl came up and said is Evan here, I think he is with the ladder company? Eric laughed and got up and walked into the station. I told that I was Evan and I was one of the two who had rescued her from the fire. She had this huge smile on her face and gave me a hug and told me how much it meant that we were there that day to save her life. As we were outside talking the ladder had gotten a run so I had to go. Hayley told me to call her when we get back. Thankfully



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