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Should Softball Be Taken as Seriously as Baseball?

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Essay Preview: Should Softball Be Taken as Seriously as Baseball?

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Should softball be taken as seriously as baseball?

Yes, I believe very strongly that softball is as much a sport as baseball is. For the women who have made a career out of it, they should not be getting paid less just because of their gender difference. Average salaries for MLB players is about $3 million a year, for NFP players its about $20 thousand a year.

To be honest when my parents sat me down as a little girl and asked me what I wanted to be I said, “Softball Player” as I got older I told them I was going to be one when I grew up. They started telling me you need to work hard and I did, and still am. I find it so puzzling that women are docked pay cause of their gender. There have been so very few 1st for women.

Baseball is not any better than softball, seriously they both utilize a round ball, a round bat, and a glove. Both sports involve a pitcher throwing the ball to the batter with the hopes of getting him or her “out.” Both sports play a certain number of innings and both sports require three outs to end the inning. So, I don’t understand why they don’t pay the same they are literally the same sport, EXCEPT for the gender.

Literally this whole thing is based around gender, what women are getting paid should not be based on what they have in their pants. It should be whether they are a hard worker and they do their job right and respectfully. Women’s Rights, for women is the rights and entitlements claimed for women and girls worldwide. We should enforce gender equality tenfold, it needs to be addressed more often, we’re all equal act like it people. The lack of respect that gets dished out to women’s sports is incredible.

In conclusion, softball should be taken just as seriously as baseball and the players should be treated with 10 times the respect they are now. If we continue on like this women’s sports will be no more, people will stop watching and buying tickets to the games.



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