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Should Schools Have Flexible Start Times?

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Essay Preview: Should Schools Have Flexible Start Times?

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Should schools have flexible start times? We already know from previous research that some students learn better in the morning. Researchers are now saying that there are benefits in allowing students who need to attend classes later in the day. Some students say that going to school at later time allows them to get the sleep required. Why not have a staggered school day to benefit both?

Students require eight to ten hours of sleep. Most high school students naturally wake up late causing absences and latenesses. Sleep loss heightens students' stress, causes mental or physical illnesses, and triggers anger. Tiredness also increases sugar, caffeine, and tobacco use, damaging students health often causing obesity.

Although, some students do better early, some do better later. Students who have after school jobs and extracurricular activities would most likely want to start school early. Students who do not have enough time to complete homework and usually fall asleep in class would probably want to start school later. Some students might have to start early or later due to providing assistance with siblings. Some may have to drop off or pick up siblings or even their own children.

Having flexible school start times could also increase academic achievement and improve school climate and culture. Students would be happy because they get to decide when they can go to school, which would keep them more focused on class work. Classes would have less students, giving teachers the benefit to provide better instruction. Plus teacher's would have options of teaching earlier or later.

If schools want students to be happy they should think about everyone's needs. Flexible scheduling would address many factors that hinder student achievement. For all of these reasons, schools should have flexible start times. It helps students who learn better in the morning and students who learn better later in the day.



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