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Should Prostitution Be Legalized Just like Any Other Businesses?

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Essay Preview: Should Prostitution Be Legalized Just like Any Other Businesses?

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Prostitution or women trafficking (so called) is one of the oldest trades known to man and even at the present time, while it is illegal in most areas of the United States, it is still employing many women and is solicited by even more men. Prostitution should be decriminalized because we are paying too high a financial and social cost for the ineffective enforcement of laws against it. The money and the law enforcement personnel freed by legalizing prostitution could be better spent if used to protect citizens against violent crimes. Prostitution has not always been a crime and there are still a few communities in the West, particularly in Nevada, where houses of prostitution operate as legal businesses.

The legalization of such a thing as prostitution can be and is a very debatable subject. Many feel it would be a wise decision to legalize it for the reasons that it may make it safer and easier to control, but at the same time there are numerous people who are against the legalization. In many other countries as The Netherlands, prostitution is legal, and it seems it is very well taken care of. Also in some cities like Las Vegas it is legal. But just because something is legal it does not make it morally right or safe. But on the other hand much debate that legalizing prostitution would be a better thing for the cities and prostitutes themselves. If prostitution was legal it could be safer, by making testing mandatory, and it would be more controlled if the government was related with it.

Paying taxes on prostitution would make it considered a business. Prostitution cost the government over 3 billion dollars in uncollected taxes. So if prostitution was legalized maybe the police would watch over the prostitutes and Pimps would not be necessary, so less people would be killed or seriously hurt. But that doesn't cover it. So if prostitution was legal would it really be that much safer? Just by making testing mandatory? Put yourself in someone else's position. What if you had AIDS or some other serious STD and prostitution was your only way of supporting yourself and your family, would you take the "mandatory" test and watch your way of living going down the drain? I think not.

The ample debate about the legalization for prostitution is a civil rights issue too. What rights should two consenting adults have in privacy? Many people believe that the government should be careful on how it addresses that question. A number of people even believe that the government should have no right deciding how adults conduct themselves sexually, even for money.

So how is it that allowing the right of prostitution really makes it that much safer? Prostitutes have already created their zones in cities, and for the people who are looking for prostitutes know exactly what area of town to go to, to find them. Charles Winick says that:

"It would be extremely foolhardy to base public policy on the temporary or neurotic needs of a very small element of the population; there has never been any society where regulated prostitution has worked" (Winick, 267).

He also believes that prostitution is unfair to the prostitute, and that prostitution paves the way for other crimes in a community that allows it. I am not denying these facts; however, Winick does not provide any refutation to my arguments involving the costs of prostitution law enforcement. Maybe because there are very few arguments against my views; Legal prostitution is being practiced in many other countries as well as a small area of our own country. In Nevada there are places set up to provide legally solicited sex, which are known as brothels. Brothels are the major difference between illegal and legal prostitution (India: Factors leading prostitution, July 30, 2004).

A "House of Prostitution" otherwise known as a Brothel is there to handle prostitution in a business-like manner. The women are the merchandise brothels have to offer. Like any other type



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