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Should Companies Be Controlled?

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Should companys be greater controlled ?

Multinationals and major companies play an extremely important role in society, they make most of the important decisions as they have a lot of power and so are very influential. These include companies such as Enron, and Coca-cola.

Many of these companies have so much power that no one controls them, they go unsupervised as they make huge profits and are seen as very powerful companies, afters scandals such as the Enron one, should these companies be greater controlled by the government? Or should they be free to do whatever they want.

After scandals like Enron and Yukos one can say that companies need to be controlled on a regular basis and verify the companys yearly figures in order to keep them from insolvency and to keep them from covering their losses by making false figures or falsifying documents.

These scandals not only affect oil prices and electricity price, but they have a huge negative impact on the population, and as a result many jobs are lost, as these companies employ huge numbers of people both domestically and abroad.

In Enron figures were falsified and yearly profits were made up, and the company was losing

lots of money, and the top executives took the money for themselves. MORE INFO.


We can also see this in movies like Rogue Trader, in which a man gambles with the companys money without them knowing and ends up losing

millions of dollars for a bank and escapes before anyone can see that the money is gone.

This money went missing, but the executives were not aware of these actions as he was not supervised by his superior, and when he was, he avoided it whenever he could.



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