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Should College Athletes Get Paid

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Essay Preview: Should College Athletes Get Paid

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Television networks already profit lots of money into college football games from late August to January, which begs the question, should the players get something in return? Should college football players get paid? Some may think that graduating from a four-year university with a degree should be considered way before playing football once a week and treating the college game like some sort of a developmental league for the NFL. Others may take into consideration that all the blood and sweat college football players put into the game should be returned with "funding" in their own pockets. I honestly don't think any college athlete, let alone college football players, should be paid because it will take away the tradition of the college game. The one thing college athletics holds over professional sports is the fact that student-athletes represent their schools, programs, alumni, and student body with a sense of pride and honor every time they go out onto the field or step on the hardwood.

When WSU student athletes put those jerseys on before they begin play, I'm pretty sure they're not just there to receive their paycheck at the end of week. The Warrior athletes are there to represent the university, past and present athletes, and the students. When college basketball players prepare to play in the NCAA Tournament, they're not on the court knowing they'll get paid when the game is over. College athletics comes from sheer emotion and competition and giving everything you have for yourself and for your university.

Some may say student athletes are better off getting paid while in school rather than scouts from various pro teams influencing them to leave school early and take the money, but still complain how the talent is watered-down.

I say if college athletes start getting paid while in school, do you really think all the talent, and emotion of college sports will be worth watching, knowing at the end of day they get a paycheck, win or lose, undefeated season or winless season.

If it happens, then that will be the day I stop being a college sports fan, let alone a Wayne State and U-M fan.



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