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Seperation of Church and State

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Probably one of the most heated and controversial political battles raging today would have to be the argument of Separation of Church and State. This debate bridges boundaries of political and social status and reaches deep within, to a time honored believe, Religion. With greater movements toward civil liberties and individual rights, more people have picked up there political swords and readied themselves for battle. So far there has been many casualties on both sides but yet no victor.

The whole argument has been raging for some time but never has it been as heated as it has in the last several years. In 1951 minority religions felted that they no longer should be persecuted and have to listen to others religions in public places and following in the foot steps of the civil rights movement they decided to act. Although no real changes came about till 1962 in the case of Engel vs Vitale. This was a deciding case that proved that religion is indeed, not allowed in the schools or other governmental institutions. Many other religious movements have followed since that case.

When the movement for Separation of Church and State began, it was usually minority religions vs. Majority religions in certain areas. Everyone was for prayer in schools, but they all wanted a different prayer to be said. Ultimately they turned to the courts to decide but as they proceeded through the trials they realized, "Do we really want the government to decide what prayer to say in school? And besides, isn't that against the 1st amendment?" It was after this enlightenment that all Christian religions backed off each other and called it a truths, for the most part. The new "enemy" then appeared for the Christians, non-Judah religions, Atheists and Agnostics. They called for the removal of the ten commandments, the most honored of all rules by Christians, and all other things pertaining to religion. This outraged the Christians and once again they picked up there Swords of Political Power and headed out to take some heads. Groups started springing up left and right such as Christian Coalition and United Atheist Organization with the soul purpose of protecting there religious rights.

With the majority of Americans being Christian, it almost seems as though the minority is infringing on the rights of the majority. "Why should we have to stop praying because one person doesn't



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