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Self Harm

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This is for all those who seek solace in self harm. No judging anybody, no drawing conclusions, no forming opinions.

It is human nature to always look for easy ways out.

"I couldn't manage to score well , so I cut. I fought with my boyfriend,so I cut. This guy in my school called me a slut, so I cut. I am a victim of social exclusion, I just can't take it anymore, so I cut. Everyone talks ill about me, so I cut.I don't have friends, so I cut. "

For most of us , self harm is the easiest solution. Why? Because in any case, there's nobody to stand up for us or look after us or care for us. We aren't answerable to anyone. Or probably because the pain those scars cause diverts our attention from the problems, or because those scars that cutting leaves, are a reminder of our mistakes and teach us to not commit them again.



If there's one way by which one can NEVER reach a solution, it's self harm. Why? Because in any case, there ARE people who would be impelled to find themselves responsible for those scars, There ARE people who care, and we are answerable to all of them. And because the pain those scars leave does not divert our attention. It is only a testimony to how coward we, as humans become in times of distress. And because those scars that cutting leaves, are a reminder of how badly we let people affect us.

Imagine the one you love the most, sitting right in front of you with a knife in their hand, cutting their wrist. What would you do? Take another blade and start cutting yourself? No. You would run,snatch and throw that knife away from their hands. Why? Because you care. Because it ignites a feeling of guilt in you. Similarly, when you confront people for whom you hold utmost importance in their lives, they look at the scars, and blame themselves, solely because you matter to them.I am saying this, not because I THINK it's true, but because It's something I've experienced.

Even if you feel that there's nobody for whom you're a priority,does cutting make you important? No. It only portrays you as a needy, helpless, weak person. And if you think people will start loving you after looking at those marks, You're wrong. They'd be with you out of



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