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Science Project - Making a Paper Clip Float

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Essay Preview: Science Project - Making a Paper Clip Float

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The purpose of my science fair project this year is to make a paper clip float upwards in mid-air. It consists of gravity and magnetic fields. It is not as easy as it sounds, because some magnets may be to powerful or weak, and making the paper clip float upwards is difficult.


1. String

2. Scotch tape

3. Table or chair (to hang paper clip)

4. Paper clip or similar object

5. Refrigerator Magnet

My Hypothesis

I do not think a paper clip can float upward in mid-air, even if a magnet and string is used. I do not believe there is any possible way to do this unless an extremely powerful magnet is placed on the roof of the room.


The string will be attached to the chair or table. It will be stuck on with the tape. The string must be placed at the end of the table or chair so this the string is not hanging to close to the object it is taped to. Next, the string will be tied to the paper clip or any similar object so that it is hanging freely in the air. The paper clip must not be too close to the floor; it must be at least 5 inches away. I will place the magnet on the floor so that the paper clip will head straight down. I will pick up the magnet and move it slowly clockwise around the string. The clip will follow the magnet and float upwards. If the magnet is powerful enough, the clip may even follow it to the top of the string length.


My hypothesis was wrong. A paper clip is able to float upward using a magnet and string. I've learned from my experiment that a metal substance may not be able to reach magnet because of either distance or power of the magnet. I've also learned that gravity does not matter in this experiment. If the paper clip does not reach the highest point, then all you need is a more powerful magnet.



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