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Sample Nutrition Essay Notes

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Essay topic: Menu labeling helps individuals reduce their caloric intake.

  1. Introduction
  1. Thesis: This essay refutes the statement, as the presence of labels on menus is not the most important factor in reducing caloric intake
  2. There have been differing results
  3. Most of them are small: 4
  1. Paragraph One: Motivation
  1. The information can be given, but if individuals do not desire to use it, it will have no effect
  2. Article 3: Effort is needed to promote healthy eating
  3. Article 4: The labels were noticed but had no effect
  4. Article 5: The labels were noticed, and had no effect. What is even stranger is that of the people who saw themselves as needing to lose weight, only 33% changed their diet.
  1. Paragraph Two: Education
  1. Even with motivation, many do not know how to approach a healthier diet
  2. There are many who do not understand how to use nutrition information
  1. Good: Vitamin, protein, fibre content
  2. Bad: Fats, sugars
  3. Also, each person is different in what they need
  4. If they do not know this, they cannot compare their food choices and choose what is best for them
  1. Article 1: This study showed the difference between having information that helps people understand versus not having that information, and shows a difference in results
  2. Article 8: Underestimating the amount you eat
  1. Paragraph Three: People
  1. To encourage healthy diet for all people, there must be adjustments made
  2. Just supplying numbers may not make sense to people
  3. Children definitely will not be noting what they eat
  1. Their health is important too; Article 6: Target parents who make choices for children
  1. Gender: Articles 1 and 2
  2. Article 4: Ethnicity, education, etc. may have an impact
  3. Article 9: Health conscious versus unhealthy
  1. Conclusion
  1. As Article 5 stated, menu labelling should be enforced, as a small effect is better than none, and were no observed setbacks to the restaurants
  2. As Article 6 and 7 states, there is potential



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