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Safety Data Sheet - Aquaklean Die Cast Cleaner

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Essay Preview: Safety Data Sheet - Aquaklean Die Cast Cleaner

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  1. Identify the source of the MSDS you provided including the organization/company and provide the url.

The source of the MSDS used is and the company name is Nugeneration Technologies LLC, located in 1155 Park Avenue, Emeryville, 94608. California. They product is aqua cast die cast cleaner for industrial cleaning including die cast aluminum.

  1. Does the SDS you reviewed meet or exceed the minimum OSHA regulations?
    Yes, the SDS I reviewed met the minimum OSHA regulations. The SDS was made up of 16 sections and contained all the necessary information for workers that will come in contact with the product. Even though the major language required by OSHA requires is English, I will suggest that other languages be used to write the SDS so far it meets the requirement and it explains the information properly so that users not conversant with English will be covered too.
  2. Is the information on the SDS you selected easy or difficult for a person without technical training to understand? Explain

Most of the information reviewed on the SDS could be easy to understand by a person without technical training while some will not be understood without and some are not. For example, someone without technical training will not understand what LD50, TLV and PEL stands for. Also the hazard pictogram used in section 2, will not be readily understood by someone without any technical training. In addition, the SDS did not disclose the name of the chemicals used to make the chemical, instead relying on description and protecting them using proprietary laws. This might pose a problem in case of exposure as the chemicals will not be easily identified.

  1. Is the SDS you selected too technical to be understood by workers and supervisors?

The reviewed SDS will be easily understood by the workers and supervisors who have undergone specific training. While workers and supervisors who didn’t go through specific training will have difficulty understanding the technical terms.

  1. Does the SDS you selected provide enough information to describe the hazards associated with the product (review training description above)?

The SDS I reviewed has detailed information about the effects of hazardous chemicals when released mistakenly, the occupational exposure limit, the appropriate work procedures and also the methods and procedures the workers must follow to protect themselves from hazards or danger. However, the SDS didn’t provide information about how important it is for the PPE to be available at all times. Also 2.3 % of the mixture consists of component(s) of unknown toxicity.

  1. Is the SDS you reviewed complete?

No, the reviewed SDS not complete.

  1. What are the significant hazards associated with the product you selected as presented on the SDS? (Provide a brief summary)
  • It may cause allergy skin reaction (category 1)
  • It causes skin irritation (Category 2)
  • It causes eye irritation (category 2A)
  1. Does your product’s SDS provide enough information to describe the protective measures employees should follow when using the chemical?

Yes, the reviewed SDS in section 6 and 7, the SDS comprehensively described the protective measures to be taken from workers are being told to avoid all eye and skin contacts, to launder contaminated clothes before reuse and also avoid inhalation of the products.

In section 8, the workers are told to wear PPE, gloves for hand protection, tightly sealed googles for eye protection and protective work clothing for the body.  And also describe ventilation to be designed in accordance in OSHA standard to use appropriate ventilation as required to keep Exposure Limits in Air below TLV & PEL limits.



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