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Russia and the Us Presidential Election

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Essay Preview: Russia and the Us Presidential Election

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Landon Gray

MSL – 101

Thomas Dixon


Russia and the US presidential election

        An article written by the New York Times had addressed an issue that has leveled to the surface about the US presidential election. American intelligence has confirmed that Russian hackers had infiltrated the Republican and Democratic national committee’s data bases to sway the election towards Donald Trump. This issue raises a with the integrity and possibly even the result of the election.

        The article written by David E. Sanger and Scott Shane about the issue of a possible breach in the presidential election addressed on how it could have been possible that Russia had tweaked the election to favor Donald Trump. The article did also mention that an investigation from US intelligence agencies shown that even though the hacks were successful, they had no real effects on how the outcome of the election took place. “The Russians were as surprised as everyone else at Mr. Trump’s victory, intelligence officials said.”. Overall the even though hacks and intentions of the Russians are clear, no public punishment has been made.

        Throughout the article, the authors seemed to really want to emphasis the stress of the situation. The authors had also seemed to put Trump on the spotlight on part of the article as if implying that he had something to do with the hacks or maybe did not mind that it even happened. The investigation is still ongoing and will most likely become a much more publicized and known problem than what it is now. Besides the biased opinion on Trump, the authors had done a good job at keeping an unbiased article. It is key for news reporters to stay within the lines of presenting the news and keeping a non-opinionated viewpoint so that the facts go unaltered.

        The article from The New York post is one of few that had kept a strong focus on presenting the news and not leaping into untrue statements like other articles had done on the subject. The NYT made sure that what they had presented on was clear and to the point and had not pointed fingers at Russia or Trump right away. This news is still young and will grow over time, but for now it is important to stick to what facts have come out and what is true to our knowledge.


Sanger, David E., and Scott Shane. "Russian Hackers Acted to Aid Trump in Election, U.S. Says." New York Times. NYT, 9 Dec. 2016. Web. 13 Dec. 2016. .



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