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Rosa Parks

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        Rosa Parks is heroic and she continues to be an inspiration because of how she stood up for what she thought was right. In the first stanza of “Rosa’’ says, ‘‘How she sat there / the time right inside a place / so wrong it was ready.’’ These lines talk a bout life in 1955, Montgomery, Alabama, during Civil rights movements. In the tenth line, Dove says that she ‘‘stood up’’. It means like she fought against segregation on the bus. Even though, she is tough and she doesn’t show her anger, she also feels bad a bout segregation. Being a hero is a hard thing in life but Rosa Parks managed to fight against segregation. After segregation had ended, she sat on the bus in her sensible coats which means that she is happy of how she dresses in her flashy manners and has nothing to say about segregation any more on the bus. Rosa Parks determination was the power that made her fight for the right thing, which is why many people look up to her today.



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