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Roosevelt Era

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Chapter 30 American on the World Stage 1899-1909

Summary: Foreign affairs led Roosevelt from domestic to international involvement.


Columbia blocks the Canal

Foreign affairs absorbed much of Roosevelt's energy and had more knowledge of outside world than most of his predecessors. Americans from Spanish-American War wanted canal across the Central American isthmus to augment the strength of the navy by increasing its mobility, defend recent American acquisitions (Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Philippines, and facilitate operations of American merchant marine.

Initial obstacles was legal ones. Ancient Clayton-Bulwer Treaty with British in 1850 U.S

Could not secure control over such route. 1901 with unfriendly European power and Boer War, British consented to Hay-Pauncefote Treaty it gave the U.S. right to build canal and right to fortify it as well.

Locations of the canal was a controversy. Many Americans like the Nicaraguan route but the French Canal Company was not want this failing S-shaped Panama. New Panama Canal company suddenly dropped the price of its holding. Nicaragua was objected because of its volcanic activity. Congress accepted the Panama route after Hanna persuasion.

U.S. negotiation with Colombian a treaty favorable to the U.S. It lease the 6 mile for $10 million and annual payment of $250,000. Colombian rejected because it was its most valuable natural assets and later truth was $ not enough.

Eager to be elected prez and mad at the outcome. 1904 proclaimed he want the canal built and critizen the treaty rejector blocking the onward march of civilization.

Uncle Sam Creates Puppet Panama

Panamanians ready for another revolt because fear prosperity would be gone it U.S. now turn to Nicaraguan route. Buanu-Varilla did not want company to lose money + revoluntionists+fire fighters+Colombian troops. 1903 Panama revolution occurred when Colombian troops were gathered to crush uprising but U.s. naval forces would not let them cross isthmus with justification of treaty 1846 that U.S. was obligation to maintain perfect neutrality of the isthmus against outsiders.

Roosevelt quickly made Panana it outpost of u.S. Buanau-Varilla (now Panamanian minister) signed



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