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Roman Empire Vs. Han Dynasty Compare and Contrast Essay

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Essay Preview: Roman Empire Vs. Han Dynasty Compare and Contrast Essay

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Both the Roman Empire and Han Dynasty were similar in their fall, in that they suffered through significant factors like Germanic Invasions that made them decline in power. However, they both differed in how they came to great success in that Han Dynasty gained power through Legalism, where as the Roman Empire advanced along with a republic government.

Both the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty became abrogated by the same conflicts. One of the main reasons was due to the great military power of the Germanic legions constantly making attempts to invade the empires. It was very costly to protect their borders from the perpetual invasions sent out by the Germanic leaders. Not even the great Julius Caesar was able to stop the invasions from these barbarous tribes. Soon both their economies began to suffer from the high prices of protecting their borders from these imperishable invasions. They also both lacked in electing a new ruler that would unify them and bring them back to their "Pax Romana." For example, after Constantinople passed away Nero "The Madman of Rome," replaced him. This was definitely not going to help the Roman Empire. He added his part in helping Rome's economy to fall apart by raising taxes, opposing religious toleration, and much more. After Nero was killed, Marius took command but would soon prove to be inferior to the previous emperors like Augustus who managed to maintain a strong, flourishing empire. The Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire could simply not expect to advance with poor leadership and strong Germanic Invasions.

Even though they were similar in their fall they were far different in their rise. The Han Dynasty rose to success by applying legalism as their set government. Throughout the successful years of the Han Dynasty, legalism proved to be a strict but prosperous government. Although legalism required the people to follow prudish laws and regulations it would prove to be the perfect form of government. Not only did they expand with the help of Legalism but they also began to use Confucius ideas. With the five basic relationships of Confucius teachings, the rulers of the Han Dynasty would tend to be very great leaders, because they had great respect for his teachings. Rulers that would come to dishonor Confucius teachings had a high chance of being beheaded. Also the Han Dynasty's economy grew richer through trade on the Silk Road. The Roman Empire prospered by administrating



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