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Role of School Business Manager

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Cathedral Preparatory Seminary by its very nature is called to a mission and is a business. Its business is to bring people to Christ and Christ to people. Cathedral effectively is successful through proper worship of God, creation and support of Christian community, proclamation of the Good News, teaching the saving mission of Christ and service to all.

Because this call is fundamental to the Seminary, all Catholic faithful are expected in some way to assist the in realizing its mission.

Some members, in fact, are asked specifically to give of their time and talents to counsel or advise the Rector of the Seminary in this most important activity. Through use of a business manager, the rector-principal will better be able to carry out his mission to evangelize more freely.

In light of the above, the business manager is seen as having an integral role in supervising the temporal aspects of the Seminary's mission, under the vigilance and direction of the rector-principal. In addition, the business manager should be attuned not only to the business activities of the Seminary but also to the other aspects of school life.

In order that it might be an effective and truly beneficial collaboration of rector-principal and business manager, the following guidelines are offered for a description of the role of the business manager of Cathedral Preparatory Seminary High School.


To provide leadership and day-to-day supervision of the financial and temporal affairs of the Prep Seminary in such a way as to enable the rector-principal to concentrate on the spiritual, academic and social affairs of the seminary. This leadership is, at all times, framed by necessary approvals from the rector-principal in concert with the policies, procedures and guidelines set forth by the diocese regarding financial and temporal transactions.

The position calls for coordination with other members of the faculty, administration and staff, in the planning budgets and expenditures. He is to engage in significant dialogue with the rector-principal so that he is fully apprised of matters being considered and acted upon by the business manager. This includes but is not limited to operational budgets and bank accounts, faculty contracts and payroll, and capital building improvements.

The business manager must be sensitive to the nature of information he has access to and must treat it confidentially.


A. Financial Management

1. Financial Records

* Supervise the accounting function of the school and be certain the employee responsible for maintaining the financial records understands the parish accounting system.

* Assist the independent auditors (Armao, Costa & Ricciardi, CPA) in preparation of the year end financial reports for review by the rector and Diocese of Brooklyn.

* Supervise the collection and recording of the tuition and fees using Blackbaud's Student Billing Program.

* Supervise the maintenance of banking financial records using Quickbooks.

* Supervise the maintenance of contributions and fund raising using Blackbaud's Raisers Edge Program.

2. Financial Control

* Develop and monitor a strong system of internal control for school receipts. Including all monies collected by faculty and staff for special events.

* Establish security procedures to ensure the safety of school funds.

* Review all invoices prior to payment for reasonableness and accuracy and indicate approval for payment.

3. Funds Management

* Monitor and reconcile parish bank accounts. Maintain monthly surplus funds in insured accounts which are interest bearing. Annually deposit surplus funds in the Diocesan Compostella Fund Account # 355

* Maintain monthly surplus funds in insured accounts which are interest bearing.

* Annually deposit surplus funds into the Diocesan Compostella Fund Account # 355.

* Send all donations to the Cathedral Fund of the Alive-In-Hope Foundation to the Diocese of Brooklyn for deposit into the fund

4. Budget

* The business manager is responsible for the preparation of an annual budget for the school with recommendations and assistance from the faculty, administration and staff of Cathedral Preparatory Seminary.

* Submit the annual budget for review by the Rector-Principal and review of the Brooklyn Diocese Budget Committee for final approval by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio.

* Review and analyze the financial reports by comparing the actual receipts and expenditures with the approved budget on a regular basis and advise the Rector-Principal of variances and anticipated budget deficits.

B. Personnel

* Supervise the maintenance and confidentiality of personnel records for all employees and be certain they



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