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Role Model

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A time often comes when you are bewildered between the situations you are facing in your life. You often seek for opinions from your parents or from your relatives. Although, your opinions does not have to match with your parent's opinions. This could be due to the way people think differently, the generation gap and the difference in experiences. It is important to see other people's opinion from their point of view.

Each person in this entire universe is different than the other in a particular way. When you need an opinion about your future from your parents, it could be different than what you thought they will have given you. For instance, if you need help with selecting a college for your future, you might just look at the facts in which you are interested in. However, your parents would look from many things. Such as, how far it is from your own house, what is the expense, what is the standing compare to other colleges and etc. You might no care about all these stuff, however, you have to look from their point of view that they don't want you to go to far from them or they want you to go to good college with good academic standings.

Age difference (generation gap) between two people does make difference in their opinion. For example, if you are a prodigal son of a middle class family, your grandfather or your grandmother would give you some advise that not to spend extra money on unimportant stuff. If you look back in days when they were at your age, you would figure out that they were passing from The Great Depression. They were used to save extra money where it is possible and spend money where it is needed.

Experience in a certain field or in a general life is also a good example to see other people's point of view. To be good in a certain field, experience is as important as heart in your body. Without good experience in the field, which you are interested in, you can not be good in that field. In general, your parents have more experience that you do in life. For example, if you want to start a business, you might need help of your parents, who are doing business from past twenty years. Your parents might suggest the field that you are not interested in. However, looking from their point of view, they have more experience in business, and they know more than you do about investments. Therefore, it would be wise to look from their point of view due to their experience in that field.




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