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Robert Robart

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Robert Robart was born on January 25th, 1933 in Greenfield, Nova Scotia. He born into family four sisters, and later on his parents had two more children, all of which were boys. Robert's father, Cameron, was a man of the army and fought in both World War 1 and World War 2. Through out World War 1, Cameron was over in many areas of Europe and then was stationed in Halifax, Nova Scotia for the Medical core during World War 2. Cameron was often away from home which left his mother in charge to take care of 6 children. Robert's mother Nina Robart, was a school teacher, she taught grades 1 right through to grade 12 in a small school house which Robert and all of his siblings attended as well. The family lived in a small village named Greenfield that to this day, still only has a small school, a church, a store, and a community of people all ages that feel as if they're all each other's family. There home is one of the hidden gems in the heart of Nova Scotia.

Robert's great grandparents and other relatives sailed to the North America continent in the mid 1700's from Great Wales, England. They first found shore when they arrived at Philadelphia. They then sailed up along the coast until they came across Nova Scotia. This would the area where they decided to settle. Robert's great grandfather along with his brothers built the house Robert was born in and lived in it throughout his whole life. This was house where the Robart family has lived for more than six generations. A beautiful white home in front of 30 acres of forest, most of which Robert's grandparents planted, at the top of a hill overlooking the Greenfield area.

Robert had a good childhood. His mother had a great understanding of children and raised him well. Love had a strong presence in their household. Robert got a long well with all of his brothers and sisters, as they all shared something in common, they each couldn't wait for their father to come home.

Good grades Robert achieved throughout his earlier school years, seeing how his mother also happened to be the school teacher. Though, as Robert grew older his interest weren't really towards academics, but rather studying about airplanes as it was his childhood dream to become a pilot.

As he and his siblings grew up, Robert was the third youngest out of the six and so ended up being around his father got back for good from the being overseas. The stories of his father and his father's friends greatly inspired Robert to sign up for the military even though he was only 17. His mother accepted the fact he was going to enlist himself, and his father encouraged him to do what he wished as well. Shortly after his high school graduation he decided to enroll in the military even though the Second World War was close to end. Robert was an airplane mechanic and spent 5 years after joining working on the aircrafts. He enjoyed the type of work he was doing but he realized it was only a childhood dream. He didn't want to necessarily do that the rest of his life. Robert left the military and stayed in Halifax to figure out another type of career to look into. A friend of his was in the real estate business and was able to give a good job working with their company.

The work days in Halifax were good, but Robert really cherished being able to drive back home on the weekends and meet up with his old friends. One evening at a dance in the Liverpool area back around Greenfield, Robert's friends continued daring him all night to talk to this lovely woman of whom they were all attracted to. At the time, she had a boyfriend with her, but at the end of the night Robert didn't want her to leave and never had found out what her name was. A bit after midnight, he went outside as she was leaving and started to talk to her. It took some confidence to talk to the girl standing right beside her date, but soon after, it turned out to be a good move. The girl, Marlene Goulden, didn't end up staying in a relationship long with the man she was with that night, and started thinking him. It happened that one of Robert's sisters was in the same secretarial course as Marlene was. When that connection soon became apparent, Robert and Marlene began dating.

It really seemed to all have happened pretty fast. After only about a year of dating, Robert asked Marlene is she would marry him. She of course told him yes, and their wedding was set to take place only a couple months later on the 20th of May, 1957 in the Greenfield church. Before this, Marlene had only dated another guy or two for a brief amount of time, and Robert had never had a serious relationship. He asked her to marry him in such a quick time because he wouldn't ever want to try to find someone as special as her again.

Their wedding went well with family and friends all around, then the very next day they set out to go to Niagara Falls for a week long honeymoon.

Marlene Robart, after she returned from the honeymoon began looking for work around Greenfield. Marlene was originally from the town of Bridgewater, but was more than okay with moving to Greenfield when Robert explained how it's pretty much tradition for the Robart's to live in the area. At the church in Greenfield, the walls are filled with names of the Robart's who have been faithful and helpful to the church over the past couple of decades. The Robart's were some of the first to settle in and make Greenfield a home. Marlene ended up putting her training to good use and got the job as secretary for the mayor of Liverpool. The town of which is about 30 minutes outside of Greenfield. Robert then ended up leaving the real estate company of which he represented to fully live in Greenfield after Marlene had got the job close by in Liverpool. The hour and a half drive everyday from Greenfield to Halifax wasn't something to continue on with. Robert asked for work back around home.

When Robert moved back, the rest of his brothers and sisters moved out or were going to school some place else, his parents encouraged him to stay back at the house. Especially until he began putting money away and saving up. The Robart home has to be passed down to another generation Robart at some point, his parents told him to get use to the property, to enjoy it and think about having his own family soon in that area. Marlene shortly moved her things from Bridgewater up there to Greenfield.

Robert grew up in a Christian household and so did Marlene. Their families were both faithful in religion and if asked could most likely recite numerous passages from Bible text, as could Marlene and Robert themselves. Each Sunday they would go to church and throughout the week would help out if anyone from the church ever needed anything to be taken care of. Robert had the reputation



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