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Richard Nixon

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Richard Nixon

Richard M. Nixon was the president of the United States from 1969 to 1974. Richard Nixon was known for his handling of international and domestic affairs. Nixon took office after Lyndon B. Johnson left office in 1969. Although many people remember Nixon for his affair at the Watergate Hotel, he was one of the best presidents of all time. Nixon did many things to improve American foreign policy and domestic affairs. Richard Nixon one of the greatest presidents of all time did many things to better the nation as a whole.

Richard Nixon attended high school at Whittier high school where he became school president. He graduated second in his class and got a full ride to Harvard. He declined and enrolled at Whittier College. He became student body president and founded the Orthogoian society. He graduated from Whittier second in his class and received a scholarship to Duke Law School. He graduated third in his class and passed his bar exam. He returned to his hometown and worked in a local law office. It was then when Nixon met his wife Thelma. After WWII Nixon was elected to the House of Representatives defeating his opponent by calling him a communist. In the 1952 election Richard Nixon was the running mate of Dwight D. Eisenhower. In the 1960 election Nixon ran and lost by a narrow margin to John F. Kennedy. Nixon felt defeated and returned to being a lawyer in New York. In the 1968 election Nixon ran again for president and won over democrat Hubert Humphrey.

Nixon negotiated the end of the Vietnam War with help from Henry Kissinger. This was a major win for Nixon in the eyes of the American public. Nixon improved relations with the Peoples Republic of China. The Chinese asked an American Ping-Pong team come and play in China. The team was the first Americans in communist China. In 1972 Nixon became the first president to visit China. The cold war was going on during Nixon’s presidency. Nixon was a big backer of dÐ"©tente and SALT 1.

Richard Nixon also took care of all the domestic affairs. Nixon was the president who developed the Environmental Protection Agency. He was also behind the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Nixon was great with foreign affairs but he was just as awesome with domestic affairs.

Richard Milhous Nixon was the 37th president of the Untied States. Most people remember him because he was the first president



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