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Religious Ignorance

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Essay Preview: Religious Ignorance

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This paper is being done to show the ignorance that religion causes. Religion in general causes people to believe in something that will lift them up in a time of need or help them when they need help when all people can really do is help themselves. Belief is not bad, but reliance is. There are many who use the Bible to deny scientific fact and reasonable logic. And unfortunately there are some who believe so strongly that they begin "speaking in tongues" and handling venomous snakes. Beliefs are nothing but blind theories that have no basis but the text written for them.

The Faith That Drives Us

What do you get when you mix religion with government? What you get is a big mess. The best example of this is Israel and Palestine. Israel and Palestine are in a big property dispute and their religious differences just add more fuel to the fire. Israel is the predominately Jewish nation and the Palestinians are Muslims. Their sacred holy sites are so close to each other it is hard to keep the peace when one side is trying to worship. Why do they fight? Would their God approve of it? Maybe one day their will be peace between them.

It's not just the Muslims and Jews who are fighting. Northern Ireland and Ireland have been fighting for a long time. Northern Ireland is a Catholic nation, while Ireland is predominantly Protestant. The differences in what they believe are not that big. Catholics and Protestants are both considered Christians so why are they fighting? They probably just fear change and each others beliefs. It's just natural instinct to stick with what you believe and not to mess with what is new to you. Whatever may be the reasons, the Catholics and Protestants have been fighting for years.

Is the current President of the United States going to force us into a situation like these countries have to deal with? Is Mr. Bush so religiously biased that he would attack another country because, "God told him to?" If so our nation will soon reach and end up like these nations. When combining religion and government it is pretty much fact that it is a deadly combination, and like a deadly sickness it takes a long time to get rid of and recover from. Judging by his polices and actions it might just be a matter of time.

God vs. Science

Does the Bible stand the test of time with all this new scientific evidence coming out everyday? It is hard to counter science with religious explanation. Scientifically the world has been proven to be about 4.5 billion years old. The Bible shows no evidence to support or counter this fact yet some Christians choose to believe that the Earth is no older than 10,000 years old.

If these Christians are true how do they explain dinosaurs? Well some Christians say that the dinosaurs either never existed or that the tests used to determine the age of the bones is flawed technology. Not all Christians think this way. In fact most Christians fuse their beliefs with the scientific fact. Some say that if the Big Bang Theory is true, what was the power that made it all happen? There is one theory that most Christians decline altogether though. That theory is Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection or most commonly referred to as The Theory of Evolution.

Evolution is seen by most Christians as false because God created man and woman. Most Christians see evolving from monkeys as an insult and blow to the all important book of Genesis. In reality Genesis is an absurd book of explanations that came before modern science. Genesis explains how God created Earth and everything on it.

Darwin's theory comes from years



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