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Reflection Paper

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Chapter 10 is entitled Conflict Management in Groups. This is a very essential chapter for all members of a group to read and understand. Fortunately, my group members and I have not had a problem with getting along. It just so happened that four members of my group already know each other from another class they are in together. So, they already got along and had some connection with one another. I think we all have good personalities and we enjoy working with each other. The characteristics of our group allow us to be a successful group. The semester is coming to an end, and we have worked hard together to perform all tasks and accomplish all our goals. Getting to the stage where we are now involved a lot of comprimising and negotiating. So, the two terms I would like to concentrate on from Chapter 10 is compromise

and negotiation. To me, compromise

is meeting someone half way. You may have to adjust some of your beliefs or ideas to fit the beliefs or ideas of another group member. the book defines compromise

as a middle ground. You show a moderate concern for both task and social relationships in groups. The next term I would like to look at is negotiation. I would define negotiation as giving and taking to reach a common goal. The book's definition of negotiation is a process by which a joint decision is made by two or more parties. After researching information for my group project and listening to another group's presentation, it is evident that everyone thinks compromise

and negotiation are very important. There was a strong emphasis on avoiding conflict in the group presentations. During the process of getting our presentations together, we had to compromise

and negotiate a lot. We all had to agree on a common game, the order in which we present our information and the style of presenting we were going to use. As I mentioned earlier, we all work very well together, so negotiating and comprimising is not a difficult process for us.



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