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Reality Telvison

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Contemporary television has put its own modern spin on the stepford housewife. The best example of these new super moms would have to be three different women from the casts of Bravo's franchise "The Real House Wives". Theresa Guidice, Melissa Gorga, and Kyle Richards are all perfect models of televisions glorification of supermodel mommy's that do it all. The women shown in this reality T.V. phenomenon all portray the perfect wife, the perfect mother and look beautiful doing it.

Theresa Guidice is a mother of four from, who holds a spot on the cast of "The Real House Wives of New Jersey". Theresa has been married for several years to a wealthy contractor, and has four girls all under the age of twelve. She lives in a beautiful large home, yet Theresa has no domestic help. This means no maids, no chef and no nannies; Theresa does it all. Bravo captures Theresa at home with the girls baking in her kitchen in an evening gown and eight hundred dollar heels. Of course all the little girls are dress to the nines with every hair in place just like their mother. As if being all of these things isn't enough Theresa as written two New York Times bestselling cook books called "Skinny Italian" and "Fabulicious". The show "The Real House Wives of New Jersey" brought in the highest rating in history for Bravo in their most recent season. Women love Theresa because Theresa is everything the women viewers wish they could be.

Another Real House Wife that is a part of this new breed of super mommy's is Melissa Gorga, also a cast member of the show "Real House Wives of New Jersey". Melissa is married to Theresa's brother and just like her sister-in-law is portrayed on the show as close to perfect as any wife and mother could get. Melissa as also been married for several years to a wealthy man in the business of flipping real restate, and has three children, two boys, 1 girl; all under the age of six. She too lives in a mansion that her husband had built from the ground up for her. Melissa is a size two with stunning face and perfect bone structure. Bravo constantly airs clips of her husband being interviewed discussing how amazing Melissa is bed and what a great mother she is to his children. Although Melissa does not have a real job she is an aspiring singer. She has now released three songs on itunes that have done well, also creating sexy music videos and performing in concerts. It is clear that women viewers are captivated by this because most mothers and wives are lucky if the kid's lunches are made and they were able to shower that day.

The last mother that I would like to highlight is Kyle Richards from the "The Real House Wives of Beverly Hills" Kyle is sisters to the well-known mother of Paris Hilton; she is also married to a handsome California real estate tycoon. Kyle also like Theresa has four girls, although three daughters are older and from a previous marriage. Kyle is well into her forty's but with her toned body, long hair and wrinkle free face you would never know. She too is shown on T.V to have the perfect marriage and all the other women on the



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