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Reality-Based Shows

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A few years ago people used to watch TV less than now. Nowadays, they started to watch TV more and more due to a new programme, Reality-Based shows.These shows are everywhere today and have some important points in people’s life.they are particularly why people watch these shows, why they participate in such shows and influences of reality shows on contestants and viewers.

Reality shows are watched millions of people in the world for some reasons. Firstly, they are an entertainment and pleasure for viewers, because this shows create amusement by showing participant’s ridiculous behaviours and debate each other in a funny way. For example,Truman Show is about a man’s life which is full of entertaintment events and it is watched by a lot of people. Secondly, Reality shows reflect really life. Viwers see participants like themselves. So it gives an excitement to viewers. People also connect with Reality shows by directly phoning and voting their favourites. People even can talk to competitors on the phone. In short, it is clear why people watch these programmes.

People want to participate reality shows for two reasons. Firstly,they want to have a lot of money and at the end of the shows winners will take a big prize and the other presents. For instance,Survivor,which is very famous programme all over the world,gives winners $1 000 000 at the and of the competition and provides with winners a good life in the following days. Secondly, contestants can have a chance to be on TV and become famous . When they take part of the shows,they start to become famous and be loved by viewers . They are really big happiness for participants being famous and having a lot of money.

Influences of reality shows on contestants and viewers,especially negative effects are really important. To began with contestants become center of attention and take part in a lot of programmes. Although they get a famous, after a while they meet some problems such as loss of popularity and unemployment. Watching such programmes are also to waste of time for viewers, because they watch the shows only for its entertainment. Lastly they are addictive and people spend a lot of times to watch them. In short, reality shows affect people’s life in a negative way.

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