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Raps Effect on Society

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I believe today's society can be easily manipulated by what they hear or see growing up. It doesn't matter where they live; it could be Beverly Hills kids doing what they see in rap videos because they don't understand what it really means to grow up in a violent drug infested area. But it's not their fault since the only relation to a poor neighborhood is the same guy who is rapping about shooting up that neighborhood and selling drugs in that neighborhood. That could confuse a kid growing up listening to it. They probably hear their parents about going to school and then going to school again and finding a profession and if they give it their all maybe they have a chance of becoming successful. Then they'll go to their room and hear about guns, drugs, sex, and the fast life and may not want to wait all the years to possibly become successful when they can just sell some drugs sell their body or just go ahead and rob someone.

Rap negativity in project areas teach listeners the exactly what not to do if you have money or need money, or possibly if you just want revenge. These rappers are usually categorized as commercial rappers. It what everybody sees and wants. It has done nothing but glamorize drug dealing, degrade women, and basically add fuel to a raging fire. The only positive thing it has done for anybody is give a job to the next guy they see walking down the street.

But luckily there are a few rappers who believe in the power the youth hold and put the doubt back in their heads that there's no hope. They use their lyrics to mock commercial rappers and help people see that's not what any type of music should be.



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