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Radical Drama in Society Today

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Essay Preview: Radical Drama in Society Today

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I'm not quite sure what I am supposed to do with these explorations, except for that they should be written on out of class material. I guess then that I will try to explore some more modern radical dramas. When I first thought of that question, nothing came to my mind. I began to think that radical drama was as thing of the past. Then I realized that there's plenty of it out and much of it I have even seen.

One of the clearest and most recent examples of radical drama, which I felt dumb for not remembering, would have to be Fahrenheit 9/11. Although I have not seen this movie, I do know that the maker of that flim, Michael Moore, created it with the intentions of getting George. W. Bush out of the office at the end of his first term. If his film would've had such an impact it would have brought about some radical changes in the White House. I guess some of Oliver Stone's work could be considered radical drama as well. The film Born on The Fourth of July showcases a high-school jock, turned wanna-be war hero and the damage Vietnam did him and Vietnamese families. I know that Oliver Stone has been known to add some odd twist to his stories, that may not be credible with history, but I thought that Born on The Fourth of July was a powerful film that needed to be made. I think that he was one of the first to portray the nastiness of Vietnam on the big screen. I've never seen this movie, but Platoon, I once heard from Mr. Stone himself, had such a large impact on the American people that it got them to elect Ronald Reagan for presidency. I really can't have an opinion on this, considering I've never seen it, but if this were true, than Platoon would definitely have to be known as one of the greater radical dramas of my time.



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