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Racial Profiling

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On September 11th, 2002, America was attacked like no other time it our history. Three planes were intentionally crashed into three different prestigious buildings. It was later found out that these planes were highjacked by eighteen men. All of these men were found to be of Mideastern descent. Since this has happened, our country has been forced to change in order to provide better security. With this new security, we must all give up some of our privacy in order remain safe. No one ever expected this or wants to give up the freedoms we have always had. But, it is a reality we now face. Because of the fact that we have linked the terrorists to Bid Laden and other Mideastern men, we must profile to a certain extent. The fact is that if you are a person of this descent, you do fit the description of a person that could carry more risk.

If on September 11th it was discovered that the highjackers were all white males, I would expect them to be profiled the exact same way that Mideasterner's have been. I don't think that white males would complain if they were suspects and had to be checked more carefully. It comes down to the fact that it really shouldn't matter as long as we can make air travel safer in the future.

Even though people of Mideastern descent fit the profile of being a threat, from what I have seen and heard everyone is being checked the same way. When my boyfriend flew home for Christmas, I took him to the airport. I stood around while him and the other passengers were being screened. I would say there were about ten people of Mideastern descent waiting in the same line. Every person in line had to go through the exact same procedure. My boyfriend who is a while male was checked twice by security when no one else was. They pulled him aside to check his backpack two

different times. No one else had to do this, but I wouldn't say he was discriminated against. He had no problem with it. He didn't complain that he was double-checked because of the fact that he is a young white male.

As far as John Walker goes, that is an entirely different situation. He was not a part of a group in the United States trying to blow up a plane. I'm not saying he made a good decision by joining the Taliban while he was over in the Mideast, but he didn't attempt to come over to the United States and kill thousands of people. Of course there will be exceptions along the way,



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