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Queen Elizabeth

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Queen Elizabeth

Elizabeth the daugther of Anne Boleyn and Henry the eight was born in 1533. Also three years later Anne Boleyn had a son but he soon died at birth. Then during that year Henry accused Anne of comitting adultery with five different men so a day later Anne and the men were all executed. After a couple of days later he soon married Jane Seymour. Elizabeth was was brought up in protestant faith unlike her sister who was catholic. In 1549 Elizabeth rejected the advances of Thomas seymour. Then Elizabeth was imprisoned in the tower of london. Also then in 1558 Mary died and Elizabeth became queen of England. However Pope Paul the forth was unhappy and told Elizabeth to beg for his permission to be queen but she refused. But during 1559 Elizabeth passed an act of uniformity which meant everyone in England had to attend protestant churches. Then as soon as Marys husband dies she rushes to scottland to claim her throne. Elizabeth felt Mary posed as a threat to claim her throne. Elizabeth told Robert Dudley to marry her sister Mary for that she couldnt get the throne but it was too late Mary had married Henry Darnley son of Margaret Douglas and the grand daughter of Henry the seventh. This marriage only strengthened her chances of claiming the throne. Next Mary gave birth to a son in 1566 named James. So then two months later after the death of her husband Darnley from gunpowder she then married Bothwell. Then her army was then defeated so she fled to England so Elizabeth would supply her with protection but little did she know would turn agaisnt her. Elizabeth imprisoned Mary for nineteen years. So after Elizabeth became queen in October of 1562 she caught the smallpox but she soon recovered from it even though there was a little chance for her to live from it she survived. But then in 1586 they plotted to murder the queen by an invasion of spanish troops but then Elizabeth soon found out that Mary was behind this plot. So the next day Mary was tried and pled guilty and then was sentenced to death in the year of 1587. Then in 1588 Phillip gathered 17,000 well armed soldiers onto the Spanish Armadaand then pick up 16,000 spanish soldiers and headed for England. But when they got there they didnt know that they were already ready to fight so the English ships loaded with cannons and guns took out all of there ships and Phillip and his men then fled for there lives but soon after Phillip failed



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