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Quantum Computing - Yes, No, or Both?

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Essay Preview: Quantum Computing - Yes, No, or Both?

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Quantum Computing ÐŽV Yes, no, or both?

In the technology world today, humans are so infatuated about having the latest computer out. What they consider to be a high tech machine is speed. To accomplish this it has to do with the size of transistors on a microprocessor. More than 40 years ago, Gordon Moore, ÐŽ§one of the founders of IntelЎЁ made a ÐŽ§prediction that the complexity of integrated circuits would double every two years.ЎЁ To this day MooreÐŽ¦s Law has continued to stay true, with todayÐŽ¦s circuits at a scale of 65nm. In order to accomplish this speed, the size of a transistor has to decrease to improve the speed and efficiency. There will come a time, very soon, that the physical size of the integrated circuitry of a microprocessor will get so small that it will not be able to function properly. This will happen because the insulating material in the chip will get so thin, that it will not provide proper usage of separating transistors, so in other words it will cause leaks with in the chip.

Alternatives are on the rise in the future for satisfying this craving of speed. The first is obvious reconstructing the architecture of the chips would have a big part and would have to be completely changed. Another idea is using molecules as transistors or even a complete logic gate. This idea takes electronics to the molecular level. This allows great speed at a fraction of the size of a traditional semiconductor. With this kind of technology it would not only focus on the electrical part but would greatly influence physics, material science, and chemistry as a major part of the construction of these devices. Like everything else in life there are obstacles that have to be over come to make thing dream a reality. One is ÐŽ§how to connect the molecules together and have complete control over the structure of the device.ЎЁ Aside from that way of using molecules for computing there is also a different method arising. This idea is using a chemical reaction to get an outcome. This idea is actually already in use with DNA machines; they take a reactant molecule and input it with information then force a chemical reaction upon it causing an outcome.

A big idea is creating a quantum computer. With a quantum computer you donÐŽ¦t have your traditional states of 1 or 0. Instead you use a state that allows the signal to be both; we call this



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