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Puritan Sermon

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Puritan Sermon

We live in a world full of sin and temptation. We must learn to rise against these evils! Our primary goal as human beings is to serve God. Every creature was created to serve God's will. The grass was made for the cows to eat, and the cows were made for us to eat so that we could continue to live and serve God. Every animal serves the one above it. We live in a world of hierarchy that God has created for us. We must adhere to this order in all aspects of our life. This is God's ultimate plan for peace and harmony within our society.

Family, church and state are the three arenas of life. God must be present in all arenas in our vision of bringing about the Kingdom of God in the New World. The family is the most important arena of all! Church and family must be combined to uphold our visions for future generations. Values in the household must be kept with no exception. Children must incorporate God into their learning. The young must pray at night and before all meals. Regular bible reading is a must. There should be no horseplay or rowdiness during the day of the Lord. Children must be led to God, they will never be able to find him on their own. Who has the most necessary responsibility for bringing up these children to worship God? The women of our society! Just like animals have their place in the world so do we. The man has his duties and the women hers. Men are meant to be the head of the households as instructed by God. The woman must be responsible for raising and guiding the children in a manner fit for a Puritan family.

Recently there have been uprisings against the true word of God. Anne Hutchinson caused nearly unforgivable acts against this church. She defied the Fifth Commandment set down by the Almighty. She attempted to be a husband rather than a wife, she wanted to be a preacher or a magistrate. She needed to be a member of the congregation like everyone else. As the newspapers have said "That woman was out of her place in feeling, praying, and acting." (Woloch 238) If we all tried to be equal there would be chaos on earth!

But I digress, the reason our society is such a wholesome one is because of the happiness of all. A marriage should be set on the idea that the union will create a positive affect on our community and the children they bear. Children are necessary



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