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Public School or Home School

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Public School or Home School?

Education is the key to reach success in life. People gain an education since they were a child with their parents for example how to speak, eat, walk and also how to read and count the number. Parents give their child as best as they can do, moreover for education. I believe all parents desire to spend much money in education for their kids brighter future. And when children become of age to go to school, many parents confuse to choose the right education for their kids. Nowadays there are two popular ways to gain an education; public school and Home school.

Public school is school that build by government for their citizens, it is the most afordable for all kind of citizens. Besides that there is another way to gain education which is home school. Home schooling is not a new phenomenon, but a very old one. In Colonial days, families, including wealthy ones, educated their children at home, combining the efforts of parents, tutors, and older children (Hill,T,P, 2000). Home scholl usually built by private institution. The tuition fee is way more expensive than public school, because mostly home school provides private teacher for their students. The most popular is public school rather than home school. But those two options make many parents confuse to choose wich is better home schooling or public schooling. Some people believe public school is better in curriculum for their children but others think in home school is more focus in learning.

Many factors that make parents confuse to choose which is better for their children education. Besides of physic place, there are some specific carateristic that make public and home school are totally different in process of learning. Home school try to give an individual attention or in the other words is one on one learning process and they limit their capacity of the students in one class. For example in home school for one room of class is only one untill at least five students in it. Its make student more focus in learning process. In the other side public school there are at least thirty students in one class. And make some student not really focus on learning, because of much people in one class student can easily distract with others.

Some parents belive in home school can cause slow in social develpment for their kids. Hard to socialize with others because of limit students in one room. But nowadays many home schooler can easily interact with each other because of the connection of internet and many social media such as facebook, Twitter and so on. They can easily have friends with joining a group or forum in blog then they get connected and become friends. For example home schooler join forum in He or she can easily get connected with each other when joining in forum then each forum have one event called gathering to meet and greet between the member of the forum. In addition it gives parents sense of security to their children in bullying. Besides that Public school give many social interaction to developt socialization skills. However in public school, student more likely to deal with bullying and peer presure because of many different type of people in place.

Public school usually give many extracurricular in their school with some activities such as art, music and sport to built soft skills to their students. But students have limit time to take their extracurricular activities because of their schedule are too full. Althought the extracurricular time is after the school time it will drain the student endurance of going through a day. In contrary home school provides a very flexible schedule, since the students have a private teacher. Flexible schedule make students have many times to do activities besides learrning. For example home schooler can built their soft skills in art, music and sport, even thought they can built business because of many times that they have.

Price become one of some consideration for parents to choose a school for their kids. Because of public school built by government than the fee is cheap but from the cheap price there are disadvantage that public school offer to parents such as teacher laborship and facilities. For example in public school one teacher may teach more than one lesson and It makes process of learning not really effective. In other side home school give more facilities such as one teacher one lesson and one student. That facilites makes home school more expensive than public school. It is not only because of home school built by private institution but also they have to pay more for the teacher laborship. All of that things makes home schooling more effective and more focus on process of learning.

Some kids wants to attend in public school because they can easy to get the public university when they want to continue their study in college rather than in home school. However nowadays many public university provide special way to those people who from the home school and also government agree with home school movement to make student more focus in learning. And government provide certification to those people who study in home schooling program.

Many people think that student who get in to home school program are in special needs. But nowadays many kids wants to have a home school program rather than they get in to



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