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Public Budgeting

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Public budgeting can consist of many different things. Public budgeting broke down is a monetary guideline that planners use. Public budgeting is used in the public sector. Large cities and small villages all use public budgeting. Public budgeting is open to the citizens inspections. Citizens have the right to influence and change their respective budgets. It maybe as direct as voting on a new court house or voting for a political candidate who promises to add new side walks to their community. There of course are many more definitions, but that is the most basic one! Public budgeting is different from private business budgeting. Public budgeting is not for profit and is more tied around service. Public budgeting is used to create, fund, and end programs and services. Public budgeting is primarily used in local, state, and the federal government. There are many types of public budgeting being used today. Each branch using public budgeting uses the best type of budgeting they see fit. Some local governments use strict line-item budgets. And large state governments may use a more loosely enforced budget system. Again, it is primarily up to the citizens about which budget they will accept.

Public Budgeting is designed to control spending and plan for the future. The control that a budget can give is most useful. Governments that use budgeting know where their money is coming from and going to. Public budgeting also lets governments plan for their futures. You can also audit spending more accurately. Public Budgeting also ensures that malpractice of budget funds or any other wrong doing will be limited. People are able to examine the budget, so there are less likely to be mistakes or fraud.

Public sector budgeting and private sector budgeting are very different from one another. Public budgeting is by the people, for the people. Public budgeting allows for services and government upkeep. Public budgeting is a result of what its citizens want. Citizens tell their officials what they like, what they don't like, and what they need. Officials then create budgets that will hopefully reflect the tastes of their constituents. The citizens have a choice and a voice. Private sector budgeting is very different in comparison. Private sector budgeting is profit driven. Private sectors care only about the bottom line. They will cut corners and costs to improve the overall profit. Private budgeting is designed by heads of companies. Again, profit is the budget motivator.

Public budgeting does differ between local, state, and the federal government. Each type of government has different needs based on size. Also, legislative pressure can sometimes come into great play. And have influence upon how a budget is constructed and used. The bigger the government structure, the more complex the budget will be. The more at stake, the more involvement by professional politicians.

The basic type of public budgeting strategies are Planning Programming budgeting, zero-based budgeting, and target-based budgeting. Planning programming budgeting involves



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