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Fluoxetine is a legal prescribed medication (Fluoxetine, 2000). The brand

name of this drug is Prozac (Fluoxetine, 2000). Fluoxetine belongs in a category of

drugs called selective serotonin prescription (PDR, 2000). This is a synthetic drug

(Fluoxetine, 2000).reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) (PDR, 2000). Prozac is not a

controlled substance but needs a


Prozac is used as an antidepressant, antiobsessional and antibulimic

medication (Fluoxetine, 2000). Prozac is presumed to inhibit the reuptake of

serotonin (Fluoxetine, 2000). In patients with depression it relieves symptoms of

the illness (Fluoxetine, 2000). For those with bulimia nervosa Prozac was shown to

decrease binge eating and purging when compared to a placebo (Fluoxetine, 2000).

In obsessive-compulsive disorder it significantly reduces the symptoms (Fluoxetine,


Usage: Epidemiology

The use of Prozac is so wide spread that since its release over ten years ago

thirty-five million have been prescribed world wide in over one hundred different

countries (PDR, 2000). Over seventeen million patients have been prescribed

Prozac in the United States alone (PDR, 2000). Prozac is the worlds most

prescribed antidepressant (PDR, 2000).


Allergic reactions have been noted in some patients; these include: rash,

fever, edema, and carpal tunnel syndrome (Fluoxetine, 2000). If these reactions

persist and no other cause can be found treatment with Prozac should be

discontinued (Fluoxetine, 2000).


During the clinical trials anxiety and nervousness were reported by ten to

fifteen percent of patients (Fluoxetine, 2000). Persons already underweight and

depressed showed significant weight loss when on Prozac (Fluoxetine, 2000).

Prozac should be used with caution in patients with convulsive disorders (Flouxinte,

2000). The possibility of suicide is greater in those patients who are depressed;

therefore Prozac should be administer with supervision to these patients (Fluoxetine,

2000). This medication should be only given to patients with anorexia nervosa if the

benefits outweigh the risks (Fluoxetine, 2000). Prozac became the worlds most

prescribed antidepressant herald of its "transformative powers" (Cash, Brown,

2000). Among side effects are appetite reduction and weight loss (Cash, Brown,

2000). In a study of college age women the knowledge of prozacs weight loss

properties increased the likelihood of a woman deciding to try the drug (Cash,

Brown, 2000). The women said they would choose Prozac regardless of the side

effects if one of the main effects was weight loss (Cash, Brown, 2000). Women's

perceived notions about being thin outweighed their concerns about the possible

negative side effects of Prozac (Cash, Brown, 2000). Patients with diabetes may

have altered glycemic rates while on this medication (Fluoxetine, 2000). I have

found conflicting reports on the use of Prozac and the pregnant woman. I will give

them both consideration in this report. The first is information that may be out

dated. A study was conducted in 1993 to see the outcome of women using Prozac

in their first trimester (Pastustak, 1993). The study followed 128 pregnant women

who were given a dose of 25 mg per day of Prozac compared to women taking a

placebo (Pastustak, 1993). The results of the study showed that malformations in

the women who took Prozac were comparable with the women who were given a

placebo (Pastustak, 1993). The only effect on the expectant mothers that was higher

in Prozac use was an increased risk of miscarriage (Pastustak, 1993). The

conclusion of the researchers was that Prozac did not have an increased risk of

major malformations (Pastustak, 1993). There have been no studies to date of the

long term effects of using Prozac on the unborn child (Pastustak, 1993). The most

recent information is stated next. Pregnant women should not be prescribed Prozac

unless absolutely necessary, because the effects on the unborn child have not been

discovered (Fluoxetine, 2000). Lactating women should also avoid Prozac, because

the effects on a newborn child have not been tested thoroughly (Fluoxetine, 2000).

Carl Elliott feels that Prozac changes



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