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Essay Preview: Propaganda

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Write an essay in which you analyze the effects of propaganda on today's society. You may want to discuss how propaganda sways public opinion. You would want to use specific examples of propaganda and discuss in detail how your example specifically is used to sway public opinion.

People that watch T.V, read magazines or newspapers are most likely to be affected by propaganda. Propaganda is an idea used by companies, organizations, and individuals to sway people into something they want them to believe in. Propaganda could also be known as untrue facts. Propaganda, although many might not realize it, is the one of the biggest factors affecting people's lives these days.

Propaganda influences young people as well as it influences elders. For example, the marketing departments that advertise their product on T.V try to put the hottest celebrities on their advertisements so that they could attract young adults that would actually look at the commercial because of who is in it rather than what they are trying to sell. For example, the Carl's Jr. Commercial, where they show Paris Hilton in barely any clothes on top of a Bentley eating their burger. They put her so people will pay attention to the commercial. Another company that does that is the PEPSI Company, they had Britney Spears running around with a PEPSI can in her hand, and when she got hot she drank out of the PEPSI can to cool her down. Even though people aren't paying attention to the product, they hear the products name and that way when they are at the market wanting to buy something to drink they have the word PEPSI in their head. In addition, they show celebrities with big houses and nice expensive cars, and tell us we can be like that if we buy their products. Propaganda is just another way companies, large corporations, or even just a few people want to benefit from us normal people by telling us untrue facts to buy something from them or to believe in something they want us to believe in.

Another form of propaganda that reaches to people is in magazines or newspapers. For example some newspapers only put the good things that go on in Iraq, they tell is how were helping them move forward and how were looking for nuclear weapons in Iraq, even though they don't show us how Americans are getting killed there, and that the reason were there is for oil. Furthermore, magazines show the newest clothes, cars, houses, and everything that could be sold



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