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Professional Hotal Evaluator

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Hello everyone, I am Olson. Today I'm going to tell you about a novel service -- a professional hotel evaluates. First, I will go over the features of my service, then I will talk about the price, location and the market. Finally, I will show you the future of the service and what kind of advertising is used to promote it

Evaluate the comfort and environment of each hotel through the experience of each hotel, and then publish the valuable information on the website or app to people who need to know about the hotel. When it comes to "hotel experiencer," most people think of the word "cool." Can I stay in a star hotel for free and earn tens of thousands of yuan a month? It's naive to think that a career is very easy. First, a lot of preparatory work needs to be done before the evaluation. In order to explore new hotels, once you open your eyes every day, you will look for hotels on the Internet. Once you look for hotels, you will spend more than ten hours. When visiting hotels, you will also spend a certain amount of manpower and financial resources. Second, before entering the hotel, pay attention to whether there is a waiter to drive the door; After entering the hotel, pay attention to how long it takes to check in and whether it is easy to find the elevator entrance. The smell of the hotel lobby should also be recorded, because a good star hotel will spray perfume, different hotels taste different, high-end business people attach great importance to this. Third, we must observe the details of the stay in detail, from the room bathroom, service, price, food and transportation and other five dimensions evaluation, and attach a large number of words, pictures and video description of the accommodation experience report. The selected report, after the evaluation of the website expert group, is released online, providing reference for many users. Picture and text reflect details: professional hotel evaluators generally check in a room as a guest, it is necessary to use the mobile phone to shoot; Check in experience observation micro: bathroom towel number, flower sprinkling hot water speed, room bed linen cleanliness, the location of the socket and the number of sockets. There are other details that video may not be able to show, such as the service attitude of the hotel staff, check-in status and any other details will be detailed in the log.

My target market is apps and websites of major hotel reservation. Because there has never been a professional hotel evaluation of this service. Before that, there were only some customer comments on the app, which were not completely true and professional, so the service I provided was very important

In terms of price, how much money we get is related to the star rating of the hotel and the number of evaluation projects. The higher the star level of the hotel, the higher the reward to the evaluator. The more projects that need to be evaluated, the higher the reward. For example, the price of evaluating a three-star hotel in ten aspects is the same as that of evaluating a five-star hotel in five aspects. We can get 2000 dollars. Of course, the accommodation fee should be reimbursed by the buyer of our information. In terms of fees, we will give some discounts to those platforms that buy a lot of reviews. For example, we will give them a 10% discount for purchasing all the information of 10 five-star hotels or more at one time



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