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Prof Communications

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Heather Remy


BUMG 2900

Presentation Feedback

Michael Weller-

Did his presentation on SOMC and he was very interested held good eye contact.

He made the presentation interesting with his visual he chose.

He did a very good job on his argumentative side against K.D.M.C. he compared the two and SOMC still comes out on top.

He talked about the awesome discounts that the employers get at SOMC.

I feel that Michael did an excellent job on his presentation and felt he deserves an A+.

MacKenzie Vanderpool-

Did her presentation on SOMC and she knew her stuff and also held great eye contact throughout the presentation.

She talked about the community events that SOMC is involved in. I thought that was awesome for her to explain about each event a little bit so we could understand them a little more.

She talked about the services SOMC offered and what each one of them was. That was awesome because some things on the power point people may not have heard of.

I feel she did a great job on her project and deserves a n A+

Charles Baker-

He did his project on Meteor Development Group

I felt like in his presentation he did not tell enough what the group is or does. I was still lost on what he was talking about at the end of the presentation.

He read directly off the screen and clicked his pen and said uhm a lot but other than that he did a great job.

I felt he did a good job and deserves an B on his project.

Monica Call-

Monica did her presentation on the United Nations which I felt was kind of cool and different.

She had great background info to fill us in what the United Nations is all about.

I also liked that she talked about her experience when she was in Guatemala that was really cool.

I felt she did very well on her project and deserves and A.



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