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Product Mix and New Product Development Strategies

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Essay Preview: Product Mix and New Product Development Strategies

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EAS definitely has a competitive advantage over its competitors when it comes to product mix. Experimental and Applied Science (EAS) offers three product lines with eight different tiers. They also offer customized training programs that include nutritional, supplemental and physical training programs tailored to specific needs. This is based on product differentiation which caters to the marketing target based on market research and targeted marketing.

EAS has been the leader in quality products of the nutrition and supplement business arena since 1996. This is due to their concentration on quality and technology in pursuit of the highest performing product in the supplement market. A product can best be described by the following:

"A product is anything offered for attention, acquisition, use, or consumption that might satisfy a want or need. Products can be physical objects, services, persons, places, organizations and ideas."1

EAS offers product mixes that are specifically designed to accommodate anyone in their target audience. Whether you are a world-class athlete utilizing their product to produce your own competitive edge or the middle aged couch potato that desires to lose twenty pounds, EAS has a tailored approach and product for you.

"Choose EAS protein products like Precision ProteinTM and MyoPro Whey® to support lean mass gains and EAS creatine formulas like PhosphagenTM Elite to enhance performance, mass and strength. To combat muscle-protein breakdown and aid muscle recovery after intense training, CytoVol® HP and BetaGen® HP are smart, effective EAS supplements."2

Each product provides a precision blend of protein, vitamins and minerals. It is the fuel your body needs to maintain peak metabolic function and achieve your fitness goals regardless of your fitness level.

EAS has maintained its competitive edge by continually focusing on their product mix, which can be attributed to their superior research and development program. The company's diligence can be highlighted in their ability to understand the complexity of the banned and not banned substances in all sporting arenas, which has provided a direct product edge as evident in the following.

"This new line of supplements from EAS will have the NFLPA union's stamp on it to show the products are free of the NFL's 35 banned substances. The new line will be sold in the same stores that sell dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) which is banned by the NFL."3

EAS continues to be a leader in product



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