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Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes, Inc.

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Essay Preview: Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes, Inc.

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Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes Inc.

Harrison-Keyes, Inc. is a publishing company that wants to implement an e-book into the organization because sales in declining and the need to update technology is becoming necessary to become more productive and a effectively competitive in the market. Employees are disagreeing with the plan implemented by the new CEO, Mg P. McGill. An implementation plan needs to be incorporated into the organization and communication needs to be the first tool implemented. Asian Digital is not communicating with the Harrison-Keyes and doing the job they were hired to do. This paper will define the situation, alternatives, risk, stakeholders, perspectives, ethical dilemmas, and the End-State Vision, and a solution. It is important to develop and implement a plan that defines the best solution, as well as to evaluate the results of the implemental plan that will be set in progress to make a profit. The situation will be identified in the following section.

Describe the Situation

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Harrison-Keys, is a very old publishing company that has been use to publishing books the old fashion way, for a long time they have met there customer demands when needed, then the time change, technology has grown and the low cost retailers steps in offering e-books, discounted books, bargain books and etc. Because Harrison-Keyes was not up on the technology side, sales began to decline, now you have a new CEO who brought her own ideas on how to improve sales one of them was E-Books, which cause a lot of disturbance in the company. Now Harrison-Keys is face with Authors not wanting to switch to e-books because of piracy which can cause law suites, managers not wanting to deal with overseas company because of communication barrels and commitment not being met, technology equipment not able to hold a lot of data and employees lack of skills in technology didn't help either. Harrison-Keys are having a declining profitability in the publishing market due to reduction in market share of independent booksellers. Harrison-Keys want to go e-Books and some customers do not want to have their books posted electronically because of copyright problems. Employees are not in agreement of handling the situation and they have a new CEO, Meg. P McGill that is not familiar with publishing company procedures. Harrison-Keys inspire to become not only a successful company within the E-Book business, but also place where employees are motivated to do their job. Harrison-Keyes need to focus on communication in order to keep employees informed. Sharing information will build commitment within the company. Harrison-Keyes implementation plans do not coincide with their strategic plan due to lack of management control.

The opportunity for Harrison-Keys is that they first have to sit down with everyone involved to have a game plan on how to work these problems out. As for the Authors, there can be a renegotiable contract or a trial run incentive program that could be put in place, technology training for all involved, find another overseas agent that will be willing to work with deadlines, CEO offer suggestions from other members of the team, give a time frame for a trial run with the solution to change if it don't work.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

Stakeholder perspectives and ethical dilemmas are the employees, leadership team, investors, community, and publishers. The leadership team does not have an easy road in front of them because the CEO is new to the company and is not familiar with the publishing company procedures. Customers are leaving because they do not trust the leadership team because they do not want to have their books published on the internet because of copyright protection. It is felt that publishing could be copied. Improving the communication with employees must be addressed before the situation can be solved and the company can go forward with the new vision. Employees are concerned about the lack of a plan and that the CEO does not understand the implication of this particular move. Improve the employee communication between the leadership team. Communication between the employees and the leadership team will have to happen first before anything will work. The dilemma that could arise is a company versus employee attitude. Employees could feel that management will grow the company by any means necessary, no matter who gets hurt. This dilemma could produce a employee dissatisfaction and the company could have more of a problem than expected. Many employees have given a great deal to the organization and would like to keep his/her jobs but do not understand or trust what needs to be done because of the communication with leadership. JPMorgan Chase says "Our company was built with hard work over 200 years. We would like to create a company that all can be proud of, and we are confident that, working together, we will build that best financial services company in the world." (JPMorgan Chase 2006) Customers want to have trust in who is managing their futures by believing in the company that has their future at stake. Investors need to see the direction that the Harrison-Keyes is going in creating a secure relationship with customers and employees to see the increase in customer and employees satisfaction. In offering to become an ebooks publishing company an implementation plan needs to be implemented and explained in detail to see a profitable pattern to the vision.

Frame the "Right" Problem

The right problem to be identified for Harrison-Keyes, Inc. is a new CEO has been hired and there is no implementation plan in place for the company. Employees are not happy with the decision that is being made and customers have threatened to leave to the company because they do not want their books published on-line. Declining profitability of the print markets due to reduction in market share of independent booksellers is a major problem for Harrison-Keyes. Technology is outdated and communication is non-existent in the leadership team.

Describe the "End-State" Vision

The "end-State" vision will become the world's dynamic publishing company in packaging innovative information solutions to provide essential information to individuals and markets by providing leadership in diverse markets and consistent profit growth and shareholders. Communicate the vision and implement a plan that will meet the goals of the company.

Identify the Alternatives and Benchmarking Validation

In alternative one, Harrison-Keyes, Inc. needs to embrace an implementation plan



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