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Pope Julius and Leo

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Final exam study sheet for religion


Samuel- Saul's Mentor.

Late for Sacrifice so Saul offered the sacrifice.

Samuel came back from grave to help Saul.

Jeremiah- God new him in the womb.

Arrested for treason. He beaten and exiled.

New covenant.

Called at a young age.

Predicted exile.

Sarah- Name used to be sar'ai.

Wife of Abraham.

Laughed when she heard that she was going to have son.

Son's name was Isaac.

Gideon- Built and altar for the Lord with ten of his servants (he was afraid to do it so he built it at night).

The Lord said there was to many people so he made tests-Test 1- Whoever was scared was to go home. Test2- Drinking of water.

Against Midianits.

"Wet and dry fleece."

Abraham- Set up the first covenant with God.

Married to Sarah.

Son named Isaac.

Had another son with one of his maids.

Elijah- Went up to the heavens in a flying chariot.

Ezra- Wanted the temple to be rebuilt.

Deborah- Female judge.

Led the people into battle.

Moses- Led people out of Israel.

Brought the Ten Commandments.

Brought up by Pharaoh's daughter.

Parted the Red Sea.

Esther- Jewish, but the King did not know it.

King went to kill Haman by inviting the king to two feasts and telling him about Haman and Haman was beheaded because Haman was a threat to her and her people.

Jacob- Dressed like Esau so he could trick his father and get his brothers blessing.

Bathsheba- Knelt at the man's feet.

Slept with King David.

Temptation to David's sin.

Holofernes- He got his head cut off.

Joseph- Mary's husband.

Son of Rachel.

Technicolor Robe.

Took over after Moses.

Eve- Adam's wife.

Mother of all living.

Bore Cain.

Convinced Adam to eat the fruit of the tree.

Delilah- Cut off Samson's Hair.

Tricked Samson into telling her his weakness.

David- King of Hebron, Israel and Jerusalem.

Father of Solomon.

Beat Goliath.

Slept with Bathsheba.

Planned the murder of Uriah by sending him to the front lines.

Joshua- Servant of Moses.

Son of Nun.

Commanded the officers of the people.

Led the people into the Promised Land.

Noah- Built the ark.

Disowned his son.

The rainbow was the sign of the covenant.



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