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This is a research paper of at least 1000 words that examines a play or playwright that we have studied in class.


1) Students will gain a deeper understanding of a particular area of dramatic literature.

2) Students will develop their writing skills through the completion of multiple drafts.

3) Students will develop their ability at conducting effective and ethical research.

Submission of Emails

All material must be submitted through email attachments, using the following format. If you don't use this format I will return your emails to you. Using this format allows me to keep track of what you've sent me.

a. In the subject line of your email write the name of our class, the name of the assignment you are submitting, your last name, your email address, the date, and the version of your work--but do not include any punctuation!

For example, "Drama Literature Bibliography Wilson saw003 March 13 Version 1"

b. In the body of the email write something like this:

Hello Mr. Art,

Attached is my bibliography for the research paper.


Liz Wilson

Development Process

1) Submission of a topic/play (5 points): Thursday, March 10

2) Submission of a bibliography (15 points): Thursday, March 17

A bibliography must have a minimum of three websites, three books, and three journal entries. The entries must be cited according to MLA standards. If you don't know what these are, please ask a research librarian.

3) Submission of an annotated bibliography (25 points): Thursday, March 24

The annotated bibliography must include one to three websites, one to three books, and one to three journals. Each entry must have a paragraph that summarizes relevant information about a particular source.

4) Submission of a 250 word initial treatment of topic with thesis (25 points): Thursday, March 31

5) Second draft of at least 700 words (50 points): Thursday, April 7

6) Final draft of at least 1000 words (100 points): Thursday, April 14

Possible areas to consider in choosing a topic and play:

1) Comparing one play or playwright to another

For example,



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