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Photography can be divided into many categories and a lot of sub-categories. Several types of photography technique will be combined together to delivers the messages in form of art. Ability to record time also will be one of the fundamental tools for a photo. This allows us to capture the movement to freeze it and recall the moment over and over. We are not only getting the precise moment in history but also understanding the progression. Time and motion can be presented in many interesting ways by using different genres, techniques, composition, equipment in photography to attract people’s interest. There are several types of photography related to time and motion which can deliver different messages in each photo.

Time-lapse photography captured the changes that we cannot see it normally but it happened in a slow motion. The subjects capture usually will take several minutes, days, even months. A photo had been captured will be combined together into a short video to create a smooth motion. Through the time-lapse photography, we can saw the difference of the objects changes in a shorter time and fast forward. Subjects usually use in time-lapse photography include landscapes and celestial motion, fruit rotting and expiring, plants growing and flowers opening and so on. Based on the photo below, we can see the position of the sun keep changing followed by the time.

High-speed photography is opposite with the time-lapse photography. It takes pictures of very fast phenomena which things that are normally invisible to the human eye through the science and art. The technique may divide to two meaning: first, the photograph itself may be taken in a way as to appear to freeze the motion to reduce motion blur; second, a series of photographs may be taken at a high sampling frequency and frame rate. From this technique, we can see the objects happened in the high speed through a slow motion to observe more details in the photo. Photographer will use the high-speed photography to capture the fast-moving activities like bike racing or horse race in sporting events, physics of explosions in scientists, or capture a water splash and balloon bursting.

Rephotography, also known as then and now photography is to repeat capture an object at the same places and same views with a time lag between two images. By this technique compare the past and present photo to form a contrast to see a difference between two phases.



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