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Philosophy Is a Subject Matter in Daily Lives of a High School and Senior High School Students

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Essay Preview: Philosophy Is a Subject Matter in Daily Lives of a High School and Senior High School Students

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Philosophy is a subject matter in daily lives of a High school and Senior High school students

By: Breaj D. Ebrada, Lyceum of the Philippines Cavite


What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is a discipline that searchers for a reasoned answered to certain very abstract questions, usually unasked question that bothers us for a long time but can’t have definitive answer. These are questions that the science usually do not tackle, some of them can be scientifically answered and some of them are not. Questions that can be answered by anyone but can’t justify correctly.

The aim of philosophy, abstractly formulated, creating a new solution even there is a solution. Gathering thoughts and ideas to prove in other ways. It pushes ones limit to prove what they believe and what things may exist at the same time. Beyond thinking of one’s mind can create new possibility just like creating a theory. It challenges us what can we do in one thing and discipline us not stick in just one solution because not all one solution is the only solution to answer the question that bothering us.

Philosophy is a topic that most people know little or nothing about. People tend to focus things on what they interest and leaving things that naturally help them in everyday and guide through their daily lives, it might be the dialogue that a person has in her head, with herself, when she tries to answer a difficult question, or it might be the dialogue that she has with others when she tries to understand or disagree with an idea.

Philosophy came from the ancient Greeks which means “The love of wisdom”. Thales is one of the first people to try to theorize and understand what the fundamental nature of the universe is. Just like Triumvirate they want to share and open the eyes of the civilization, we must act and know what is going not just going to stick on things that we only know. This three teaches us the importance of having own perception and teaches us to discover new things to feed our curiosity with lots of knowledge and wisdom.

Philosophy is a lifetime of questioning, discussing, and thinking. The rewards to this life are greater insight, deeper knowledge, the ability to think more deeply and critically, and the knowledge that one will never get bored.

What pushes me to do this research?

It pushes me and feed my curiosity with answers, usually secondary education starts making the student think not just simply going to school it starts teaching values, life decisions, and how they value things. Even my time when I was secondary I never thought of what is philosophy or what is it, this time since generations is revolutionary and makes great influence to each other that’s why it’s so hard to tell if they are really serious and learning something that my time that can’t.  It’s never late in my time to know what philosophy is because everyone has a chance to learn new things.

Why I want to ask high school and senior high school student because I know they have potential to change the future for the next generation. Before they go to college my curiosity wants to know before they graduate do they have philosophy, did someone gave them lesson how important to have philosophy in life. This what really bothers me after making in college, for me it’s a sudden realization in my part without having knowing what philosophy is. It’s a struggle that without a philosophy in life what is my purpose on doing things even you say it’s just my thing but there is always a reason about why are we doing it.

This generation is rather unique because they can handle rather difficult situation and because some of the teachings in some family are different from our time. I can’t blame how advance this generation but some of them lack of advice from their parents and easily get influenced by others. I want to know if it is how their parents discipline them or how the environment affects their own attitude, way of living, and their philosophy in life. Based on what I’m seeing this days the millennials tend to do things normal thing in mid-20’s that is sometimes too mature for them to do it or it is because how my parents taught me philosophy in life without knowing it. Mostly this generation judges other people on what they hear not what they see that’s why others misunderstood things easily just like I said because they are easily get influenced that makes me think is it because they lack philosophy, it always come down in one question I always ask do they have philosophy in life if yes they have good life decisions because of critical thinking they do and they understand people’s feeling.



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