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Persuasive Essay on Fireworks

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Essay Preview: Persuasive Essay on Fireworks

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Nearly every year the government tries to prohibit fireworks because of the possibility of fires and injuries. This is ridiculous because not only are we hurting ourselves all the time anyway, also there are people can be trusted with fireworks. Instead of spoiling the privilege for everyone, a system needs to be devised, that looks something like this: When someone turns 18 (or 21 depending on how trustworthy 18 year olds are), they can get a firework license that lasts the month of July. Like a hunting license, it will last for a certain period of time, and will be revoked if the privilege is abused. If the license is revoked more than twice than they will be banned from buying anything that is not sold at a fireworks stand now. To reduce the illegal sales of fireworks, the penalties for being in possession of illegal fireworks or using them in any other month than July should also be as followed: The first offense will result in a $5000 fine, the second will result in a $10,000 fine, and the third offense will put the offender in jail. This system should be adequate in the fact that it is strict, yet fair, and is supported by the fact that fireworks are only a privilege and can be taken away. I hope this essay has given you an idea of how a system could allow more freedom with fireworks, and still keep them out of the wrong hands.



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