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Based on the personality profile I completed in class my personality type is ISTJ, Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging. According to various sources on personality types ISTJ's are often referred to as "Inspectors". I agree with a lot of what I have read about my personality type. ISTJ's often give the initial impression of being aloof and perhaps somewhat cold. This is perhaps one of the truest statements about me that I have seen. Many people find me to be cold and standoffish if not conceited and stuck-up. I prefer spending time alone, or with a few close people rather than go to parties, bars, or clubs. Very often when I go to the mall or other chaotic places I am over stimulated and overwhelmed by the people and the commotion. After an hour or two of such activity I feel the need to go home, it becomes too much for me.

For my evaluations I had my brother, my boyfriend, my friend and my neighbor evaluate me. Based on their evaluations I scored highest in the Conscientiousness Dimension. I guess that is a good thing. According to The Owners Manual for the Brain I am somewhere between Balanced and Focused. This means that they view me as being organized, responsible, punctual, and dedicated to hard work. I also learned that people who score higher in the Conscientiousness Dimension have a certain way of doing things and tend to see only their way as 'right' and tend to be perfectionists.

I rated myself at 3.33 in this dimension, which is relatively close to the way others view me. I agree with most of the description about this dimension when related to myself. I try to be very organized, I believe that I am 'right' in almost all situations and circumstances and I have been known to be very anal.

This score also relates very well to the personality type in the Myers Briggs personality test. ISTJ's are very thorough, orderly, and hardworking. ISTJ's are known to be serious and sincere in whatever we do. We are also known to be diligent and persevering in our efforts whether it is work, school or relationships.

My average score from other people in the Negative Emotionality dimension was 2.56. This was also my lowest score in all the dimensions. I rated myself a 3.67 in this dimension, which is considerably higher than from others. On question N1 (worry, fear how things will turn out), I was rated 1.6 by others and a 2 by myself. My low score implies that people generally view me as resisting the influence of what's going on around me. My score puts me closer to the Resilient. I am viewed as staying calm in stressful situations that a lot of people would find upsetting. I am less reactive in stressful or uncomfortable situation and I am viewed as being calm and cool headed. People view me as being a lot calmer, relaxed, and confidant than I really is according to the scores. Perhaps that is because I tend to keep my emotions on the inside and not show others how stressed out I may be or how upset I am.

The rating in the Negative Emotionality dimension matches the Introverted in my personality type. As an introvert I tend to stay to myself and not to show my true emotions to most people.

In the Openness (3.27), Agreeableness (3.15), and Extraversion (2.94) dimensions I am viewed by others as pretty much average. My own score for these dimensions are pretty close to others score Openness (3.5), Agreeableness (2.67), and Extraversion (2.33).

My medium score in the Openness category means that I am moderately interested in the creative arts. I see that in myself and others view me that way also. I would be considered a Moderate. I do have broad interests and I do consider myself a liberal. However I do focus on the familiar and seek comfort in it. I am not a dreamer and I am very consistent. My score of Moderate in this dimension relates to my ISTJ personality also. As an ISTJ I'm skeptical of new ideas, and I am more reality based. I tend to be more practical and focus on my goals instead of being more creative.

My average score in the Agreeableness category explains me very well. My rating would be a Negotiator. I balance my needs along with the needs of others



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