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Personality and the Workplace

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Personality and the Workplace

PSY 250 - Psychology of Personality

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There are many situations that can be mentioned when we get into the subject about interpersonal situations at my workplace, but on in particular pops out to my attention, respect. Respect is the one thing that the military was built up on. Well, during the next few pages you will read about how it has changed throughout the years in the military or at least in my career field, how it has been dealt with, how it got this way, what can be done to change it and who is responsible for making the changes. Not only will you read about respect, you will also read about how higher promotion rates have motivated many of the newer supervisors into trying to make the career field a better one for everyone. Through the use of creativity, involvement and implementation these new supervisors are trying to make a change in our military discipline that is so greatly needed.

Since I have returned to my current career field, after managing three dorms, I noticed that the level of respect has changed from when I was there 2 and a half years prior. We have acquired many new very young troops who don't want to do what they are told, not only are the younger troops acting this way, but many of the non commissioned officers (NCOs) or should I say lower ranking supervisors are acting this way as well. Things aren't how they use to be when I first came into the military, back then you were told to do something and you did it no questions asked. It got done simply because someone who out ranked you told you to do it. Now days the troops want an explanation to why they are asked to do something, they don't do it or they do it wrong or carelessly.

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Due to the diversity of the personalities in our workplace it becomes very difficult to try and pin point a specific personality trait for the cause of our problems. It varies based on each individual; sometimes it is due to the fact that we as supervisors allow our subordinates to get away with murder. In the case of the military we strive on discipline and respect, and when we allow a troop to disrespect any of us or just let them cross over the line once, they forget that they are in the armed forces and tend to lower their standards. This shows me that we as supervisors have failed,



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